About Us

What exactly is Promovast?

Promovast is a digital skills acquisition center that specializes in the promotion of digital items (books, tutorials, courses, and so on) as well as the provision of digital services (such as tutoring on those products) to its subscribers. Aside from that, it serves as an affiliate marketing and networking platform, through which various persons can generate sales money by encouraging one another to learn or acquire our skills pack.

Who is Promovast meant for?

Promovast is designed for persons of all ages (young and old) who wish to learn and become more knowledgeable about contemporary technologies (we currently have over 10 skills available on our website ranging from website development, Mini Importation, etc) In addition, it is intended for individuals who wish to increase their income by simply making money through networking and affiliate marketing. It is also intended for persons who wish to expand their revenue by simply generating money online.

What is the process?

There are two types of structures that make up Promovast, and both of these structures are totally dependent on which activities the registrant decides to participate in on our website. 1. Individuals register individually and aim to qualify for our online skill classes at the end of each month under the affiliate system, which is the first system in place (Recall that we tutor individuals on various skills monthly) Individuals can also earn commissions from affiliate marketing through the referral of various individuals to our website in order to acquire and learn one or two skills, according to our affiliate structure. A commission of 70% (usually N1000) is paid to Affiliates for each user who is introduced to our website by the Affiliates. Affiliates can market, sell, and promote the digital skills and products available on Promovast.


1. In order to be successful, every business must have customers, and Promovast is no exception. Customers are encouraged to purchase digital skills courses and learn online skills that are of the highest quality and value by affiliates and vendors. After that, they receive commissions. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

However, as an affiliate, how do I get compensated? Promovast affiliates are given the ability to promote products that are listed on the platform by using affiliate links that are specific to each product. With this link, you will be able to track individual affiliate sales as well as receiving commission payments through the Promovast system. Once a customer makes a purchase, both the vendor and the affiliate are notified via their respective dashboards, with their respective percentages earned on each new customer introduced being displayed. Skills classes are available in pdf or video format, and they are delivered online through our various groups once individuals have met the requirements to participate.

2. On Promovast, the second structure to consider is the multi-level marketing structure (MLM). As the name implies, this structure is solely concerned with the introduction of various individuals into a group/Team by a single individual with the goal of achieving an established target or goal, as well as receiving certain commissions in exchange for accomplishing these objectives. As is customary, unique links are always assigned to all registrants solely for the purpose of tracking the progress of sales commissions. MLM participants are typically pure networkers who do not need to learn more than one or two skills from our website, though they may choose to do so if they so desire. Their sole purpose is to continue to market our brand to a variety of individuals, who in turn can subscribe to our affiliate program and be considered for one or more of our open positions.


When a user registers as an affiliate, he/she registers on an individual plan, meaning that he participates alone and gets paid into his account instantly
Registration: ₦2,000
Welcome bonus: ₦1,000
Daily login: ₦50
Watching videos: ₦100
Sharing of sponsored post: ₦200
Total = ₦350
Referral bonus: ₦1000
Referral earnings withdrawal every weekend. Minimum is ₦3,000
None referral earners can place withdrawal on the 20th of every month, minimum of 10,000 points which is equivalent to ₦6,000