Learn more about Non referral payments now

On the task earnings, users earn 350 daily..

Login = 50
Watch Video = 100
Sponsored = 200

👆 That's a total of 350 and note this, it's point and not naira, meaning if you have 10000 on your earnings, that's supposed to be #5000 that u will be paid which is 50%, but promovast have decided to pay users 60% which is #6000.

This means, on 20th of every month once your earnings meets up the minimum withdrawal which is 10000 points, you can place withdrawal and you will receive #6000 naira.

After you might have placed withdrawal and receive your 6k, to continue carrying out task on the platform, you will have to buy coupon with 2,000 and resubscribe to the system again to continue.

Reason for resubscription is, the numbers of non referral are always more than referrals, so to enable us keep to our promise of paying non referral always, we initiated the resubscription features so that we won't run loss neither our users losing their 2k.

We don't want an alarm of saying a user must refer before they can withdraw, so if all users can understand and comply with our features, trust me promovast is here to stay bcs it's basically for media promotion and huge traffic is our aim. Thank Y'all for your understanding.

Keep referring people as much as you can, we're here to stay..